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Contractor Guidelines
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Access and Security Badges

  • All construction personnel shall display identification badges at all times while they are present on the property. Contractor shall supply identification badges for all construction personnel.
  • All construction and service personnel are required to sign in and sign out of the building with Benson Tower Security at the loading dock or lobby console.
  • Parking in the loading dock, tunnel, and Champions Square is prohibited. Violators will be towed. All construction personnel and service personnel shall enter and exit the building through the loading dock area only.
  • A Construction Work Notice Form which may be downloaded from the Forms section, shall be submitted to the Management Office via the Service Request System for the following:
  1. General Construction: Form must be submitted for approval prior to commencement of each project.
  2. Adjacent Space: Forms must be submitted for approval 72 hours prior to any work that will require access to adjacent lease spaces. Construction personnel and service personnel shall be liable for any damage to the tenant suite including, but not limited to, any of its furnishings and fixtures resulting from the work done. Upon completion of the work or before the beginning of the next business day the tenant suite or work area shall be restored to its prior condition.
  3. Building Systems: Forms shall be submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of any work that would require the shutting down of or affect the operation of any building system (HVAC, electrical, water, etc.) so that adequate notice may be given to the tenants. This work is not to be performed during building operating hours without prior written approval from the Management Office.
  4. Freight Elevator: Forms shall be submitted for approval 72 hours in advance of any extensive use requirements for the freight elevators (i.e. stocking material, removing trash).
  5. After Hours Work: Construction personnel and service personnel will contact the Building Management Office before noon to obtain authorized access for work performed before or after normal working hours. Access to the building will be controlled by Benson Tower Security personnel located at the security console on the Bridge Level of the building. Access for any time on Saturday and Sunday must be coordinated with Building Management prior to noon on Friday.

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