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Elevator Emergency

All passenger and freight elevators are monitored at the Security Console. If you press the alarm button on the outside of the panel, it results in a bell sounding, but it does not alert Benson Tower Security. We have upgraded the emergency devices in every elevator to be ADA compliant so please use the communication devices as follows:

  • Remain calm.
  • The emergency communication device is located in the left hand panel in each elevator. Pick up the receiver and the phone will ring down to Benson Tower Security. If Security does not pick up after three rings, the call will forward to our elevator contractor’s call center.
  • Inform them of the physical address of the building (1450 Poydras Street); the elevator number you are in (found on the outer door where the phone is) and describe the situation.
  • A technician will be dispatched. Once the elevator technician arrives on property, they will identify the problem and render assistance.
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