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Fire and Life Safety Systems
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Building Fire Safety Features

  • The building is constructed of structural steel and concrete and is fully sprinkled to inhibit the spread and minimize the effects of fire on the building's structure.
  • There are an adequate number of sprinkler heads on each floor. The system is activated when a metal attachment to a sprinkler head is melted by approximately 130 degrees of heat. The system is only activated in the immediate area where the affected disconnect value is located. The water flow can be stopped with the use of the disconnect values located at the floor’s stair landings.
  • Tenants should become familiar with the location of all exit stairwells on their floor. Each floor has at least two stairwells identified numerically as either stairwells A, B, C, D, or E. Each stairwell is equipped with a public address speaker system. The enclosed exit stairwells are constructed of fire resistant materials. Stairwell doors must not be blocked open because this may allow the spread of fire or smoke into the exit stairwells.
  • Evacuees must move away from the building. Do not concregate in the vicinity of the building. It may obstruct the flow of fire engines trying to reach the building and could pose a threat due to any falling debris.
  • When the fire alarm is activated, the stairwells become pressurized by a fan system that is automatically put into operation. Each stairwell contains standpipes that include 2 ½” hose connections at each stair landing. These connections are for the fire department’s use only.
  • ABC fire extinguishers are located throughout the building in all tenant suites on each floor. Tenants should become familiar with the exact location and the proper use of these devices. Instructions on how to use these extinguishers are listed in the Fire Extinguisher section, and are usually provided on each extinguisher.

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