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Bomb Threat
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General Information

The most common threats are made by direct telephone calls to the police department. However, some threatening calls are made to third parties such as television studios and newspaper offices. There are two reasons for a caller to report that a bomb is to go off at a particular location:

  1. The caller knows that an explosive or incendiary device has been or will be placed in the building and wants to minimize personal injury. The caller may be the person who planted the device or just someone who is aware of such information.
  2. The caller wants to create an atmosphere that spreads panic and disrupts normal business activity. This could be the ultimate goal of the caller.

Examples of Suspicious Items

  • Letters that are unusually bulky or heavy
  • Parcels or envelopes with chemical or oily stains, or simply do not look or feel ordinary.
  • Parcels or envelopes without a return address or with foreign postmark.


  • Handle the item or attempt to open.
  • Place parcel in water.
  • Remove any binding material or pull/cut any protruding material.

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