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The Safety Warden is in charge until the Building Management Team, or the New Orleans Fire Department arrives. The Safety Wardens and the other designated employees should initiate the following emergency procedures:

  • Close all doors leading to the fire.
  • Immediately call 911, then call the Building Management Office at (504) 493-6760, and report the exact location of the fire and what is burning.
  • Initiate fire-fighting operations. Tenants should attempt to extinguish small (areas of less than 10 square feet) fires unless doing so would expose them to personal danger and/or cause delay in calling the Management Office or in evacuating the area. If the fire is in a wastebasket, move it to a less dangerous location if possible. If machinery is on fire, shut off power to it.
  • Use available fire extinguishers. Use building "ABC" fire extinguishers for paper wood, cloth, plastic, rubber, grease, oil, or electrical fires.
  • A designated employee should wait by the freight elevator to direct the Building Management Team to the fire scene.
  • The Safety Warden should coordinate his/her activities with those of the Deputy Safety Wardens and Evacuation Facilitators on the fire floor.
  • The Safety Wardens will give the order to evacuate in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Evacuation Procedure section. The Safety Wardens should notify the Building Management Office of this action. Building Management will immediately proceed to the scene.
  • When Building Management arrives on the fire floor, he/she is in charge until the New Orleans Fire Department arrives. Tenants should assist those efforts. Should evacuation become necessary, an announcement will be made over the Voice Evacuation System.


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