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Tenant Responsibilities
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  • Development of evacuation plans.
  • Familiarize employees with the location of all exit stairwells.
  • Familiarize employees with the location and proper use of fire extinguishing equipment within the building. Train employees in emergency response procedures.
  • Assignment of fire-fighting responsibilities. Designate and train individuals in fire-fighting techniques for small fires only (areas of less than 10 square feet). When the fire-fighting personnel arrive, give them the information they need regarding the cause of the fire and the status of fire-fighting efforts.
  • Designate an off-site relocation meeting area away from the building so all employees know where they are supposed to go and await further instructions.
  • Auxiliary firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, which can be found in each tenant’s suite, should be kept accessible for immediate use. The tenants should provide additional specialized equipment for specific fire hazards and high-risk areas, such as computer rooms, storage areas, etc.
  • Tenants are required to keep the premises in a safe and clean condition. Aisles, corridors and exit doors are to be kept clear of obstructions.
  • Provide for Safety Warden(s) and Deputy Warden(s) identification such as an armband, hat, and whistle, which are to be used during the fire drills and actual fires.
  • Practice emergency procedures to assure familiarity with individual responsibilities.
  • All tenants should participate in the fire drills scheduled by the Benson Tower Management Office to familiarize employees with fire exits, fire alarm procedures, etc., and should assemble in the designated areas and follow the instructions of the Safety Wardens.

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