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Hurricane Season
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By living in Louisiana, we understand all too well the dangers of hurricanes and tropical storms. While we are hopeful none of this information will ever be necessary, the following information will assist you in preparing your company to vacate the building and also in returning to work at Benson Tower as soon as possible after the danger has subsided.

If there is a threat of hurricane or tropical storm, please remember that Benson Tower is NOT A SHELTER. In an emergency situation there are many opportunities of risk, interruption of electrical services, resulting in loss of lights, A/C, elevator service, etc. Flood waters could impact the Sewerage and Water Board’s ability to supply minimum water pressure causing loss of fire protection and water service including sinks, toilets, urinals, and drinking water. Additional services not available will include janitorial, restroom supplies, and engineering staff. Upon lock down, all elevator service will stop. Elevators will be disengaged as part of the storm protection procedures. Notification will be made for closure of the Superdome garages. Upon closure to contract parkers, the gates at the entrance and the exits to the garage will be lowered and locked. Tenants will be unable to retrieve vehicles remaining until Management re-opens the building and the Superdome re-opens the garages. Notification will be made as to the timeframe for lock down of the building. Upon lock down, all entrance doors on the first floor and second floor will be locked. If there is a mandatory evacuation ordered for the City of New Orleans, the mandatory evacuation notice will serve as the announcement of the closure of Benson Tower, without further notice from the Management Office. The Superdome garages will be closed and the building will be locked down immediately.

Updates will be posted on Benson Tower’s website (www.BensonTowerNOLA.com), as needed to apprise tenants of the situation at the building.

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