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Evacuation Procedures
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In the event of a fire or other emergency, the safe and rapid evacuation of the affected area is the joint responsibility of the tenants in that area and the Building Management Team. It is imperative that each employee become familiar with the information and procedures described on the following pages. Please contact the Management Office if you have any questions about fire safety. Even if we cannot immediately answer your question - we will find your answer and respond quickly. Remember that it is each tenant’s responsibility to train all of its employees on all Emergency Procedures for the building.

Do not evacuate unless lives are in immediate danger or unless ordered to do so by the fire department, a representative of the building, or the floor wardens. Unnecessary evacuations will only cause confusion and block stairwells.

The building is fully sprinkled to inhibit the spread and minimize the effects of fire. In most instances when evacuation of an area is required, only the fire floor and one floor immediately above and one floor immediately below will need to be evacuated. In responding to a fire, the fire department will designate a floor for their Command Post. In order to ensure clear uninhibited entry for the fire department into the building and to the fire area, it is extremely important that all tenants evacuate in the precise manner and to the exact relocation meeting area designated by their written evacuation plan or the fire department.

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