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Evacuation Procedures
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The following evacuation procedures should be observed:

  • Listen to and follow the instructions of the voice evacuation announcements and the directions of your Safety Warden.
  • A Safety Warden and Deputy Warden should be designated to walk the suite to assist employees and make sure everyone is aware of the evacuation order.
  • Once the evacuation has begun, no one should attempt to re-enter the evacuated area until it has been declared safe by the fire department officials or Building Management.
  • Do NOT grab purses or bulky personal items as these become obstructions in the stairwell. You will be allowed back into the space after the fire department or Building Management determines it is safe to re-enter.
  • The buddy system should be implemented for disabled persons confined to a wheel chair and unable to walk in any manner. See the last page of this section for information regarding evacuating the disabled.
  • In case of fire, elevators will immediately be taken out of service and used by the fire department. The stairwell doors are rated for a minimum of two (2) hours protection time. Feel all doors and door knobs with the back of your hands before opening.
  • If the door is hot to the touch, do not open it! Stay in your office and caulk around the door seams using wet towels or duct tape. Stuff clothing or material around ventilation ducts and cracks in doors to prevent smoke from penetrating area. Find another exit to the corridor.

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