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Hazardous Materials Spills or Releases
  • If a material is spilled and it can not be identified, assume that it is hazardous.

  • If a hazardous material is released or spilled, the following responses must be followed:
    1. Proceed immediately to an area where you are no longer exposed. Take appropriate action to contain the hazard (i.e., close doors behind you and always follow all safety procedures when working with toxic materials).
    2. Call 911 and ask for the fire department HAZMAT Response Unit.
    3. Notify Building Management of the incident immediately. State the location of the accident, the type of material released, and any actions taken. Building Management will immediately attempt to take all precautions to stop the spread of the material at the source by closing doors or shutting down air handler units in the area.
    4. Evacuate everyone in the immediate vicinity. This includes tenants, contractors, and building personnel. If the spill or release is deemed to be a threat to a wide spread area of the property and its occupants, Building Management and/or the fire department may require a larger scale evacuation.

Note: No hazardous materials may be used on the property without prior written approval of Building Management. If such permission is granted, a MSDS sheet must be provided to the Management Office for such material(s). The tenant assumes all liability for the hazardous materials and the tenant’s methods of storage, use and handling of hazardous or controlled materials shall be in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations and/or with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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