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The Superdome provides Benson Tower with contract parking in several of their parking garages. In the event the Superdome has an event scheduled during the week, the Benson Tower Management Office will notify the contact person for your office in advance to advise what time you will be required to vacate the parking garages that day. In the event of an emergency, such as suspicious individuals or vehicle damage, please contact Superdome Security at (504) 587-3900 and then Superdome Parking at (504) 587-3805.

Visitor parking for Benson Tower is available in Garage 1A Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visitor parking rates are posted at the entrance. If you wish to validate parking for your clients/guests, pre-validated parking vouchers may be purchased in advance from the Management Office. Please request such validation vouchers in advance via the Service Request System. The current visitor parking rates and the costs of each type of parking validation voucher are available in a document located in the Downloadable Forms section of the Service Request System.

Entry into the Superdome parking garages is via parking access cards. Tenants may contact the Management Office to request parking access card application which should be filled out and submitted via the Service Request System. Replacement parking access cards are also available from the Management Office and may be requested via the Service Request System for a nominal fee.

Click here to download Benson Tower’s parking garage helpful hints to understand the operation of the parking garage access control systems and to limit parking frustrations.

Click here to download a map of the Superdome parking garages utilized by Benson Tower.

Click here for an area map showing all Superdome parking lots which may from time-to-time be used by Benson Tower tenants for alternate parking during Superdome events.

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