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Bomb Threat
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Basic Tenant Responsibilities

Each tenant should brief their telephone receptionists on bomb threat procedures and should have a copy of the Bomb Threat Checklist near the receptionists’ telephones.

Bomb Threat Received by a Tenant

  • Bomb Threat Checklist Form: This form is located on the Forms Section of Benson Tower’s website (www.BensonTowerNOLA.com). When a call is received, a bomb threat form should be readily available. It is recommended that the form be copied onto red paper so that the persons adjacent to the individual taking the call will recognize the form and alert the proper party immediately. It also allows the form to be found quickly. If a form is not available, that person should jot down all of the conversation that is remembered. Try to obtain as much information as possible. Be prepared to relate this information to the police when they arrive. Written bomb threats are less frequent than telephone threats but must be considered carefully. Avoid physical handling of the written threat as authorities will analyze this evidence for fingerprints, postmarks, handwriting, and typewriting.
  • Notification: If possible, have a second employee call 911 and then the Building Management Office while the bomb threat caller is on the phone. If not, after the call immediately dial 911 then call the Management Office at (504) 493-6760, advising as follows:
    1. Your name
    2. The telephone you are calling from
    3. The address, floor, and suite number you are calling from
    4. The firm you are employed with

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