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Contractor Guidelines
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  • Construction and service personnel shall use the freight elevators at all times.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited at all times and are not permitted on the property or within the building. Construction personnel found to be in the possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol are subject to immediate removal from the property and banned from further work on the property.
  • Construction and service personnel are not permitted to use vending machines, furniture, fixtures or equipment within the tenant’s leased premises. Construction and service personnel are to remain on the authorized floor where work is being performed and are not to loiter on non-project floors.
  • Construction and service personnel are not allowed to advertise their company at any project performed in the building or on the property(s).
  • Construction and service personnel shall take direction from the Management Office only.
  • Construction and service personnel are to turn off all lights to the project when there is no work in progress.
  • All construction and service personnel must be fully clothed (shirts, full-length pants and shoes) at all times while in the building or on the property.
  • Eating and break areas are restricted to the project, restaurants (with proper attire) or other designated eating areas. Do not eat in vacant suites or common areas.
  • All deliveries must be received at the project. At no time shall any materials, tools, or equipment be stored in any location other than the project without prior written approval from the Management Office. At no time during the project will any materials, tools, or equipment be stored in the tenants’ common corridors, freight vestibules, building common corridors, or building lobbies. A staging area will be provided by the building for this use.
  • No construction and service personnel shall deface any areas of the project or property.
  • Construction and service personnel shall provide adequate protection of work, from loss or damage from fire, theft, etc. All work shall conform to the requirement of all applicable codes, laws, rules, and regulations of all constituted public authorities having jurisdiction.
  • The Management Office expects well-mannered construction/service personnel on the property. Any loitering on non-project floors, misconduct, or improper execution of work may be cause for removal from the project. Complaints by the tenants in reference to conduct will be noted and forwarded.
  • There shall to be no littering, smoking, alcoholic beverages, firearms, controlled substances, or profanity on the property.
  • Any overtime required by building personnel to allow access, ingress or egress or to immediately correct issues that are a direct result of actions by the construction and service personnel will be charged back to the Contractor.
  • Only those subcontractors that have been approved by the Management Office may perform work on the project.

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