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  Medical Emergency

In the event of a medical emergency, the most important thing to remember is that quick and proper action is extremely important. If you or a member of your staff have medical training (i.e. first aid, CPR, etc.) and you are willing to provide the service, call for help and try to administer emergency medical treatment, if circumstances permit. If the person needing first aid is conscious, always get their approval prior to administering medical first aid assistance.

Should an employee or other person become aware of a medical emergency, they should implement and follow the procedures below.

  • Call 911 and inform the dispatcher of the emergency. It is very important to state the correct address of the building, 1450 Poydras Street, suite number or location of the ill or injured person, the nature of the illness or injury, and physical condition of the person. If time permits supply any medication the individual may have taken before the incident.
  • Call Building Management at (504) 493-6760
  • DO NOT attempt to move or assist an injured person unless you have had proper training or if the person is in danger of further severe injury
  • Instruct a co-worker to wait in the freight elevator vestibule to direct the responding emergency units to the ill or injured person’s exact location.
  • If the individual is transported to the hospital, the paramedic unit will supply the name of the hospital where the ill/injured individual will be transported. This person’s emergency contact should be notified as soon as time allows. Someone from your company should contact the person’s family or emergency contact.

Why is important to let Building Management and Security know of the medical emergency?
The entire team in the building will be placed in a medical emergency mode. Security officers will be on the look-out for paramedics. Once they arrive, they will be directed and escorted to the scene the quickest way possible.

Ambulance Services
The New Orleans Ambulance Service (dial 911) will automatically take the patient to the nearest medical facility. If another hospital is desired in non-emergency situations, consult a phone book in advance for ambulance services. Have the name and number of the alternative service handy.

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