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  Inclement Weather

Severe Weather

Generally, there are three types of unusual weather conditions which may occur and for which extraordinary precaution should be taken:

  • Severe thunderstorm activity
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane

Severe Thunderstorms

Local weather service will issue advisories predicting areas of probable severe thunderstorm activity and the estimated duration of such activity.

Tornado Warning

By definition, a tornado warning is an alert by the National Weather Service confirming a tornado sighting and location. The weather service will announce the approximate time of detection and direction of movement.
Public warning will come over the radio, TV or five-minute steady blasts of sirens by the Municipal Defense warning system.

Should a severe storm or tornado occur, the following safety guidelines are recommended:

  • Move away from the exterior of the building to a corridor or elevator lobby.
  • As you move, try to close the doors of rooms, which have windows. Also, be sure the door to your suite is closed tightly, but not locked.
  • Go to the center corridor or one of the stairwells. If the stairwell is crowded, move down to a lower level for shelter. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.
  • Protect yourself by either putting your head closely to your lap or by kneeling to protect your head.
  • DO NOT go to the first floor lobby or outside of the building.
  • Keep your radio or television set tuned to a local station for information.
  • Do not use the telephone to get information or advice.
  • KEEP CALM. If you are trapped in an outside office, seek protection under a desk.
  • Once the weather has subsided, report any damage or storm related leaks to the Management Office.
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