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Benson Tower

  Tenant Security Responsibilities
  • The best way to improve security is for each tenant in the building to take an active role just as you would in the neighborhood where you live.
  • Do not hesitate to report any suspicious or disorderly individuals to Security or Building Management. Our building security personnel will escort them from the building.
  • Solicitation is not permitted in the building, and any individual who enters your offices for this purpose should be reported to the Building Management. Building security personnel will escort them from the building.
  • Contact the Management Office if any building keys are lost. This includes keys to your suite, storeroom keys, building access cards, and parking access cards.
  • Keep building access cards out of the hands of those who do not need them. It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain up-to-date records of all your employees who have cards. When individuals have been removed from your employment for any reason, always retrieve access cards and keys. Please contact the Management Office immediately if access cards are not returned so we can delete the card from our security system.
  • Establish uniform procedures for collecting keys prior to the termination of employees.
  • Establish a rule that keys must never be left unguarded on desks or cabinets.
  • Prevent unauthorized personnel from reporting a lost key and receiving a replacement by appointing a responsible person to be in charge of requesting and issuing all keys.
  • Store keys systematically in a secured commercial key control system.
  • Insist on identification from repairmen who come to work in your office.
  • When working alone in the office, lock the front door to prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Make sure all doors to your offices are locked and secured at the close of your business day.
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