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Benson Tower


Benson Tower is staffed by a security contractor on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week basis that acts to enforce building policies, ensure safety, and alert Management for any unusual activities. In special cases where you have vendors or contractors (i.e., carpet cleaners, installers of computer equipment, etc.) coming in after-hours or on the weekends, please contact the Building Management Office stating who (i.e., the name of the company and individual, if possible) will be coming, the date, and the approximate time. Also please provide a brief description of what they will be doing. All individual(s) must have some form of identification to present to the guard on duty.

Please note that the security personnel are never authorized to unlock tenant spaces at any time, for any reason.

On occasions, we may need to escort an unwanted visitor from the building or to investigate a theft. The inconveniences caused by such situations can be minimized if the above procedures are observed.

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