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Benson Tower



The heating and air conditioning equipment is controlled to a comfortable setting. All thermostats report the temperature to a centralized temperature and energy management system which ensures a constant, comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the building. In the event that employees are too warm or cool, please contact Building Management via the Service Request System, and we will regulate the controls. The standard hours of operation of the heating and air conditioning systems are listed in each tenant’s lease.

After Hours HVAC

Air conditioning and heating will be provided in season at temperatures and in amounts which comply with the provisions of the Lease Agreement. Such service will be furnished during non-building standard hours upon written request, at the Tenant's cost and expense. All requests for additional services must be received via the Service Request System no later than 2:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the date such service is required. The current charge for overtime air conditioning is $40 per hour per floor.

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